Death of El Aliso del Viento

After 300 years serving as a spiritual landmark for the region, El Aliso del Viento witnessed the growth of the agricultural industry while proving shade for citrus farmer’s newly constructed home. The next owner created a winery with the surrounding land, but felt El Aliso del Viento was too big and not worth restoring to health as the centerpiece of his winery. El Aliso del Viento was chopped down in 1892, after years of neglect mirroring the changing values and spiritual practices of the people using the land. The new locals did not make a fuss, not many remembered what had El Aliso del Viento had been. The focus was on the growing metropolis and enterprises as the city doubled its population in the following ten years. The image on the left is of El Aliso del Viento in 1891, showing the poor health of a once vibrant tree with a 200 foot canopy. El Aliso del Viento was estimated to have lived about 400 years.