Speaking in Tongues Spreads


Seymour writes to W.F. Carothers, now the state director of the Apostolic Faith Movement in Texas, and asks him to forward his credentials with the Apostolic Faith. Pastor Pendleton is summoned before the board of elders of the Holiness Church that oversees the congregations in Southern California. They try to persuade him that he is wrong and pass a resolition on what they call the Azusa Street teaching of “a third work of grace.” In Pasadena, california, in the middle of his evening srevice, A.H. Post is arrested for disturning the peace. The Los Angeles Times sends a reporter to Burbank Hall. Smale is away, but an evangelist named John Boyd leads services in which people speak in tongues, bark, and are slain in the Spirit. That same night, 500 people attend the Azusa Street Mission. In Pasadena, California, Post stands trial before Justice McDonald. He is found guilty and sentenced to 50 days in jail or a $50 fine. The judge offers Post another option. If he will move his tent within 48 hours, the court will suspend the sentence. Post takes his tent down.