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The Azusa Street Revival which began in 1906 and led by Reverend William Seymour was one of the most important and significant events in post-apostolic Christianity. Every day people from around the world visit this historic site. Unfortunately, there is currently very little to see and virtually nothing that explains the amazing events of the revival. Our vision is to create a monument that will: 1) acknowledge and honor the move of God at Azusa Street; and 2) recognize key events in the development of the Los Angeles region. By utilizing augmented reality technology any smartphone can be turned into a virtual museum. Visitors will be able to learn about the incredible events that took place at the Apostolic Mission Church on Azusa Street, how these events impacted the world, and key factors in the development of the Los Angeles region.

Our goal is to raise $1 million dollars for this purpose. You are invited to contribute and join in this important endeavor.