VIP Reception – Sat. April 8, 2017

Spirit Walk Project

Azusa Street Aerial view of the JACCC Noguchi Plaza and Azusa Street upper end of photo The Azusa Street SpiritWalk Project will become one of the greatest spiritual tourists destinations for Los Angeles, and Little Tokyo will be known as the “Spiritual Door to the World” for the City of the Angels. As the city grew from a little pueblo in the desert, churches were established around the civic center area. The Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, and Pentecostals were all part of the spiritual birth of this emerging young city and today, it is part of a ...

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Little Tokyo’s Pentecostal Miracle

The plaques and signs memorializing Azusa Street are understated, but the historic site could have fared much worse. By Mark Kendall, MARK KENDALL is a freelance writer based in Ontario. May 2, 2007. Los Angeles Times NEVER-LOOK-BACK Los Angeles managed to brick over one of the nation’s key religious historical sites without even realizing it. And somehow that turned out to be a good thing — maybe even a miracle. It was in downtown just over a century ago that the hands-raising, tongues-speaking form of Christian faith now known as Pentecostalism ignited into ...

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Los Angeles: Birthplace of Multiculturalism

Coming Home to Azusa Street Mission A Hundred Years Later. A hundred years ago, a seed was planted by a son of former slaves to create a multicultural Los Angeles. In 1906, the establishment of a multiracial mission on Azusa Street by Pastor William Joseph Seymour turned everything upside down in Los Angeles. “All the major churches were trying to figure out how to relate to it,” according to Cecil M Robeck, Jr., professor of church history at Fuller Theological seminary and an authority on the Pentecostal Movement. Today, the seed that Pastor Seymour planted has ...

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